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For a limited time, get both volumes of the history of Fletcher Construction for only $100 (including P+P within New Zealand). That's great value for No Job Too Hard and No Job Too Big!

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Lloyd Geering takes top prize at the Ashton Wylie Awards
Congratulations to Lloyd Geering, who picked up top honours at the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust awards last Friday night for his book From the Big Bang to God.

Convenor of judges, Bob Ross, described the work as well researched and presented. "This is a giant of a book in terms of depth of understanding and execution from one of New Zealand's greatest theological thinkers. It presents a clear analysis of the evolution of the universe, life and humanity."

City Lights Book Store, San Francisco.
Well, this is one way to get your name in lights... City Lights, that is. We don't know how it happened (or who took the photo), but it's great to see Bob Orr's Odysseus in Woolloomooloo in the window of the historic City Lights Book Store in San Francisco.

"...highly accomplished, skilled and insightful..." - so says Landfall Online about Saradha Koirala's most recent collection of poetry, Tear Water Tea.

"Peter [Bland] is the same on the page as he is in person: good company, a warm voice offering humour, hard-won wisdom and good advice: Pay the bills / And keep an open mind."
~ Stephen Stratford enjoys Breath Dances.

Steele Roberts has moved to the lively end of Wellington! We’re now in Ghuznee Street, and our phone number is now 04 384 4222. Our PO Box number remains the same. Full contact details here. It would be much appreciated if you could make an appointment before visiting.

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Perfectly Natural: The audacious story of Iris Florence Peter Williams
Julie Glamuzina

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Born female, prosecuted in 1945 for marrying another woman, Iris†Florence Williams lived as a man for sixty years
Turning the Hearts of the Children: Early Māori Leaders in the Mormon Church
Selwyn Kātene

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What inspired so many Māori in the 1880s to question the mainstream churches and flock to the Mormon church?
Kernel & Husk: the waning of Jesus in Godzone
Bill Cooke

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What is the kernel of Jesus, and what is the husk that the millennia have wrapped around him?
Alice, what have you done!
Carol Markwell

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Is Alice May Parkinson a feminist heroine or a callous killer Ö or simply a desperate woman who ran out of choices?
Jillian Sullivan

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Poignant, humorous and honest meditations†on love, loss and reconnection across the generations.
Memories of Early Years and other writings
Douglas Lilburn

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Evocative writings about the formative years and music of New Zealandís foremost classical composer, Douglas Lilburn.